Case Study 3 - Investor Relations & Stakeholder Communication

Truly see things from the customer perspective.

Over time, market demand for a company's products and services will change. Executives need to understand exactly how their company is viewed by its major customers – truly see things from the customer perspective. The executives of this Australian media company wanted to improve communications and win back the favor of key stakeholders. This meant re-appraising the company's marketing strategy.
While VEM was ostensibly called in to develop a communications strategy for key stakeholders, its recommendations at the completion of the survey proved to be far reaching. VEM highlighted reservations about the management and client service team, and suggested actionable changes that would have an immediate impact on perceptions of the company.
The VEM analysis also focused on achieving cultural change and building team spirit as well as rebuilding strong relationships with major customers and the broader financial community. In effect, measuring and managing the market perception of the company and rebuilding its corporate reputation.