Case Study 1 - Corporate Acquisiton

Managing a major corporate acquisition using a management perception study.

A leading Australian industrial company, which was the process of selling two divisions to a substantial private equity firm – in what was to become Australia's largest private equity acquisition to date – retained VEM to conduct a perception study of these businesses and to provide strategic advice on meeting the investor's targets.
The study, which was conducted over a four-week period, canvassed views from the senior management teams at all business areas subject to the sale process and of targeted individuals at head office. It also looked in-depth at the existing budgets and action plans of the businesses.
VEM delivered a business plan that pulled together the various divisional budgets, highlighted key actions to achieve these budgets, and documented significant KPIs. The plan set out the salient points raised by management relating to strategy and business development, customer focus, operational excellence, cross-business synergies, risk management and culture, thereby neatly distilling for the new owners all key business issues.
The perception study enhanced the business plan by providing a company health check, analysing the gaps where management felt their performance fell short of the importance of various areas, and highlighting the way forward. Unidentified verbatim comments made for interesting reading on what key employees are really saying about their businesses.
As a result of the VEM study, this company met all milestones set out in the 100-day plan. The CEO credited us with achieving uniform presentations of all divisional budgets, a focus on the 100-day action plans and providing divisional management with the tools and confidence to present to the new owners.
Does this sound like the sort of information you'd like to have on new acquisitions? It's there; ready to be discovered, with the expert help and industry-leading experience of VEM.