Perception Research

Integrating qualitative & quantitative tools to dig deep.

VEM has developed a proprietary research methodology that combines qualitative insights with quantitative analysis to find solutions for complex stakeholder and align business strategies with stakeholder needs.
Most organisations now recognise the value of objective research and feedback to successfully identify, prioritise and act on perceptions that influence their respective reputations and/or market valuations.
VEM uses a combination of quantitative (telephone and on-line surveys) and qualitative research (focus groups and face-to-face interviews) to gain greater insights into stakeholder views. This approach increases the confidence in results, uncovers deeper and richer insights, pinpoints emotional and rational drivers, and is more forward-looking rather than alternative rear-view mirror approaches.

Transaction Communication

The people you want on the transaction team.

The people you want on the transaction team.
VEM, with its hands-on experience and range of consulting backgrounds, brings a novel level of skills to the table.
VEM's track-record in IPOs, M&As and takeover defences comes from client, broker, media and perspectives – all of which means that a VEM consultant can add value from start to finish.
Central to the philosophy for results achievement is collection of objective research and careful planning to avoid surprises. Then, understanding key perceptions, VEM develops strategies to maximise results and proactively manage issues as and when they arise. The VEM approach encompasses research and strategy planning, stakeholder communication and review, executive training, media relations and issues management and creation of presentation tools and publications.
Communication issues are as central to deal making as financial structure. When the pressure's on and deadlines are looming, VEM's disciplined and integrated approach ensures that information is shared, key messages are understood, and all stakeholder communication hits the mark.

Investor Relations & Stakeholder Communication

Diverse skills, working together to create integrated strategies.

Investor relations is not a singular discipline. It's a melting pot of corporate skills including market analysis, sophisticated stakeholder strategies, financial modelling, intensive relationship management and creative message development and delivery.
VEM has assembled a team with the experience to tackle all of these tasks. Drawing on the varied backgrounds of its consultants, from broking and corporate finance, to business and communication, VEM offers highly specialised and integrated services across the IR spectrum.
For some clients – such as small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – VEM provides a totally or partially outsourced service, helping them to deal with the day-to-day communication and governance obligations of the public market. For others, VEM is on-call to offer expert advice or manage discreet projects that require greater resources than are available internally.
VEM provides IR strategy development and implementation services – from capital markets issues and shareholder targeting, to financial media relations, issues management, investment market research and production of investor publications.

Board Reviews

Board performance reviews.

VEM's independent board assessments ensure that an organisation gains a thorough understanding of its operation, perceptions, and opportunities that exist within its current board. And it also identifies any gaps or opportunities to improve the board's performance and/or skill set. VEM applies a well-established perception methodology including qualitative comments and quantitative scoring. Essentially we ask directors to comment and rate their own skills and those of other directors (that is, essentially a type of board perceptions study). We then overlay our expertise both as directors and working with boards.
VEM's independent board assessments focus on issues such as:
> skill mix and composition, including individual performance and contribution;
> the ability of the board to function as a team;
> communications issues, both within the board and within the company's executive team;
> the overall performance of the board;
> peer company assessments; and
> if required, a review of the governance issues facing the business.

Mentoring and coaching

Bringing out the best.

Mary Beth Bauer works with both individuals and companies on an as needs basis to ensure maximum potential is being reached. With an extensive background in chartered accounting, corporate finance and Board experience Mary Beth works at the board and Executive level of management to drive major strategic change.
Mary Beth's unique experience, challenging executive and Board roles and strong work ethic enable her to traverse sensitive ground, helping boards, executive teams and individuals transition from where they are today to where they need to be in the future.